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Choose the log cabin you want

You can find a range of mini chalets, cabins, summerhouses, and outdoor rooms for a range of uses. With each design it can be customised to include more windows, a different style of roof, additional doors, or any other reasonable modifications, so that the building works for you. We create garden rooms in Essex for both domestic and commercial uses, and some of our log cabins are especially popular for holiday parks and glamping.


Apex Roof Range

A traditional cabin, with a pitched roof and attractive façade, and double-glazed French windows on three sides.
An attractive log cabin with French doors, a pitched roof, and a contemporary feel with modern double glazed windows.
A stylish, front-facing design, with a door and two double glazed windows either side of the entrance.

Gable Roof Range

A simple, yet elegant design that can be adapted to a range of sizes, making it a great potential holiday home.
The Beaulieu design has the feel of a chalet, with a sloped red roof and double glazed Georgian windows.
This beautiful, modern cabin opens fully on the front aspect, with innovative bi-fold doors, allowing for a great indoor/outdoor space.

Pent Roof Range

This design features a single pitch slanted roof, long, narrow double-glazed windows, and an appealing aspect.
The Clarendon offers a full glass panel on three sides, giving great visibility and light, perfect for an art studio.
The front of the Sandringham opens up fully with folding glass doors, to accommodate guests, and garden dining in great style.

Corner Cabin Range

This stylish octagonal design provides a wonderful space for outdoor dining, study, or relaxing with friends and guests.

Pavilion Cabin Range

The Chatsworth is style like a miniature house, with gables, French doors, and Georgian style double glazed windows.

Glamping Pod Range

This cosy design arches over the occupant with a double doorway, providing a comfortable glamping-style chalet.




Helping you make the most of your garden

We have seen our cabins used for a wide range of uses, and have created garden rooms in Essex for all kinds of clients:

Home gymnasium:

You can get fit in peace and privacy, in elegant and cool surroundings, with a great view of the garden while you are running or lifting.

Workshop or studio:

Whether you are creating artistic or mechanical products, a garden studio is a great place to complete your work away from the stresses of home.


Unwind and relax in a beautifully crafted summerhouse, which is the ideal place for reading, enjoying the sunshine, and a good spell of weather.

Man cave:

You can turn your log cabin into a perfect place for storing collections, creating a games room, or even a walk-in bar. The choices are endless!

If you are looking for garden rooms in Essex, come to our showroom where we have created a miniature village of beautiful log cabins and chalets, to give you inspiration for your new project.

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